tech development, blockchain & crypto solutions and qa-testing


We are a filial of the Copenhagen based Danish company operating in Bangalore, India. We create technically advanced solutions, conventional and blockchain based and our test engineers make sure your web based solution is working perfectly and around the clock.


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That is WHY


Our daily work is not separated from our dreams in life and our hearts, –we vision a better world, where we are all equal and NO ONE goes to bed hungry or has to move due to climate change. - The projects we chose are all supporting this dream.


How we Work

At WMI customers and our staff meet peer-to-peer. As an approved customer you get to work directly with the staff appointed to help you with your special needs. You will of course still have the possibility to speak with the founders and some of our special experts. Working directly with our carefully selected staff makes it possible for you not only to make great friends while you create your dream project, it makes it a high quality project and financially possible.


Our Customers

Our globally based customers, we see as our partners. We supply our expertise as much as an intent of giving as an actual service or product. We take our partners seriously and we select all based on our WHY, - to work for a better world. Our relation to our customers is based on positivity and we love to meet people from different parts of the world through our collaborations.


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