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LogoAltanTekstUnder300dpi%281%29.jpg not only builds balconies and elevators, thereby improving the well being of hundreds of people, it also has initiated and supports helping projects in DR Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, Nepal and Nicaragua.

We are happy to have been working closely together with this well-established Danish company for more than 10 years.

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Bloc, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration, is a Copenhagen based company, at the core working for equality and sustainability in the world based on a solid foundation of collaborations utilizing the newest possibilities of blockchain technology.

Bloc provides digital solutions built together with a distributed community of producers, industry partners, and technology providersunder the collective ambition of solving global problems undermining the core of trust and inclusivity in society.

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With offices in Copenhagen, New York and Washington D.C. Chainanalysis is a global player in the much needed work of creating a trustworthy world.

The company is working to build trust in blockchains between people, governments and businesses. The people at Chainanalysis work hard to prevent, detect and investigate cryptocurrency money laundering, fraud and compliance violations.

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We proudly like to present our “own” project, a global social site for peer-to-peer giving.

CommonCollection is a global meeting place for human needs and potentials. It is a site where people can connect person to person, utilize individual possibilities and give or ask for needed help. We see CommonCollection as a frame of hope, where needs and unutilized potentials meet.

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Hafnia Trading

Hafnia Trading creates payment services contributing to an open, transparent and inclusive financial system by building convenient checkout and payment systems that help bridge the economic gap of the world.

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